Comodo EssentialSSL the Chain & Webmin Virtualmin

Call me an idiot both for using a GUI to manage parts of my little server and for not being able to get the trust chain working when installing my cheap Comodo SSL certificates. Mail clients wouldn't trust the connection unless it was just right. Here is how it's done...for my memory and in case you hit the same wall.

Amusements from the Past

I loved "The Fox and the Hound" picture record when I was a toddler. The poor record was damaged in an unfortunate frisbee game by a mischievous uncle. What fun to listen again. Listen for yourself inside.

View fail2ban Jail

You may be curious how to view which IP's are banned or blocked by Fail2ban, or you may wan't to remove some of them from the banned list. The command and descriptions inside.
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